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Neil deGrasse Tyson on God


Neil deGrasse Tyson To GMO Critics: 'Chill Out'

がーーーん!!!ショックでかっ!!!シーザー・ミランがフェイスブックで新種の犬をかわいいと言ってたのもかなりの失態だったけど(コメント、非難ごうごう。もうこれ以上増やすことはないってことです。まあ本人が言ったかはわからないし。シーザーのファウンデーションのページだから)。そんな比じゃないわ、これ!ちょっとドーキンスを見習ってほしいわ!!!君の専門分野じゃないだろう???本人どっかのビデオで人間のエゴのでかさを茶化していたけど、確かにコメントにあるようにちょっとカレのエゴ、巨大化しちゃったかしら。Will Smithも自分はモハメッド・アリと同じく伝説だとか言ってたことあったけどさ。

rationalrevo on Jul 31, 11:51 AM said:
As a fan of Tyson's I have to say he has totally missed the picture here. As others below have said, the problem isn't with GMO in theory, it is with GMO in practice. IN theory GMO is fine, just as Tyson says. In practice, however, it is a different matter. In practice GMO has many legal and health implications. As has been said, one of the problems is that the modify crops to be resistant to herbicides, and then douse them with herbicides, which is not only bad for the environment, but also bad for the people who end up consuming the stuff.

Another problem is on the legal front, where companies patent GMO plants and then end up locking farmers into dependency schemes, where the farmers lose control over their crops and are unable to grow plants from their own seeds and can even end up being sued because they have unlicensed GMO plants growing on their land. They also engineer the plants to be co-dependent on their network of products, liek plants that require certain fertilizers that only the companies supplies, i.e. Monsanto selling GMO seeds for cheap, but then the plants only life in you use Monsanto fertilizers on them, etc.

Then we also have the issue of highly specific and powerful genes making it out into the wild. An obvious, if somewhat lesser issue, is the already documented cases of wild weeds having acquired Roundup resistance from GMO crops. This can end up creating invasive super-species.

So yeah, Tyson, we get it. We understand that GMO in an of itself isn't inherently bad, but the problem is that the way GMO is being implemented in the real world is in fact often quite problematic.


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